Nourishing your soul.


It’s another Seerah segment, we thank Allah for His Blessings on us. Today, we shall talk about a man who asked Allah that his life should be lengthened so that he might witness the appearance of the last Prophet (ﷺ), obtain the pleasure of meeting him and be among the first to believe in him. Allahu Akbar! What a marvelous Dua’a.

In Madinah, before the time of RasuluLlah (ﷺ), several Jewish tribes were living with the Arabs. These tribes were relatively wealthy in land and possession. Just like people everywhere, some of them were sincere believers while others were not.

Among the sincere one was a learned man named Al-Husayn Ibn Salam. He was one of the Jewish rabbis and was respected by all the people, no matter their religious beliefs. He was known to be pious, righteous, honest and lived a serene and productive life. He divided his time into three parts; in the temple preaching and worshipping, in his garden taking care of his palm trees, and with Tawrat (Torah) to deepen his knowledge of religion.

Each time he read the Tawrat, he mulled over the news therein about the coming of a new Prophet in Makkah who was going to complete and seal the messages of the previous Prophets. He followed the description and the signs of the expected one and found from the Tawrat that this Prophet will make Hijrah from his land. He would begin teaching in Madinah, where his residence would be.

Each time he read or remembered this news, he prayed to Allah that his life be prolonged so that he might witness the arrival of the expected Prophet, obtain the pleasure of meeting him and be among the first to believe in him.

Did Allah accept his Dua’a? Did he even live to meet the Prophet (ﷺ)? Find out next week, Allah willing. I beseech Allah to be Especially Merciful to ‘AbduLlah Ibn Salam. (Aameen).

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