Nourishing your soul.


We shall surely be tested. We shall face some hardships in life. This is a known fact! However, the real test of hardship is beyond worldly concern and discomfort to how we choose to respond to it. As we go through the tests of life, we must seek ways to purify ourselves and nourish our souls.

So, how should a trial be handled? How do we overcome what seems beyond our understanding and control? How do we overcome difficulty, fear of the unknown, and feeling disconnected, while finding purpose and ease?

Let’s take a moment to remember the story of Prophet Musa (‘Alayhi Salam). When Allah informed his mother to put him in the river and promised to return him and make him one of His Messengers, she trusted Allah and put her total reliance on Him. That was Tawakkul – trusting Allah’s Plan! A newborn in a basket in a flowing river? Glorified is Allah! He saved Musa from drowning. He also protected him despite growing up in a house full of oppression and disbelief. This is a pointer to the fact that Allah guides whom He wills regardless of their surroundings.

Ibn Taymīyah (RahimahuLlah) summarized the concept of Tawakkul: Tawakkul comprises of reliance on Allah, in order for Him to help the person do what they are ordered to do, as well as reliance on Allah in giving the person what they cannot achieve. Istiʿānah (seeking help) is in action, and Tawakkul is broader than that.”

The believer sees in every moment an opportunity to reap Allah’s Blessings and Rewards. We should always remain confident in Allah Who never let us down, and bring us out of darkness into light, time over time. Know that Allah does not send on us a trial without also giving us the means to seek relief and to make our success easy. We only need to trust and patiently rely on Him. And remember, after hardship comes ease.

I beseech Allah to ease our struggles. (Aameen)

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