Nourishing your soul.


In the Name of Allah.

Slave trade was customary at that time. Many boys and girls were captured and taken to the slave market for the rich to buy. Some ended up in bad hands while few others, fortunately, ended up in the hands of caring people. One such person was an Abyssinian girl named Barakah Bint Tha’alaba Ibn ‘Amr (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anha) known as Umm Ayman.

Barakah served in the household of the Prophet’s father (‘AbduLlah Ibn AbdulMuttalib). She especially looked after the affairs of his wife (Aminah Bint Wahb), during and after pregnancy. After their demise, Barakah raised their only son (Muhammad) and kept serving him even after he married Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anha).

It was reported he (ﷺ) said: “This is my mother after my (own) mother. She is the rest of my family.”

Barakah was one of the first people who accepted Islam and became so dedicated to the Prophet’s mission. She had an unshakable devotion to Islam. Like others, she fearlessly faced the persecutions meted on the early Muslims by the disbelievers. It was also reported the Prophet (ﷺ) gave her glad tiding of Paradise.

With the Prophet’s care for Barakah, he advised her to marry Ubayd Ibn Zayd (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu) from the Khazraj tribe in Madinah, who sought her hand in marriage. She married him and they had a son named Ayman. Soon after, Ubayd died.

With the Prophet’s request to his male companions of who will marry Umm Ayman, Zayd Ibn Harithah (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu) who was once the adopted son of the Prophet (ﷺ) married her and they had a son named Usamah. The Prophet (ﷺ) loved Usamah so much as he loved his father. The Muslims used to call him; “The beloved, son of the beloved.”

The blessed family of Barakah also made Hijrah to Madinah and they strongly supported the Prophet (ﷺ) by partaking in some expeditions. Barakah productively lived and eventually died during the reign of ‘Uthman Ibn Affan (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu).

I beseech Allah to be Especially Merciful to Barakah Umm Ayman. (Aameen)

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