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In the Name of Allah.

It’s another episode of our weekly Seerah. Praise to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. Anas Ibn Malik (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu) reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) took hold of his sword on the Day of Uhud and said: “Who will take the sword from me?” All the people (present) stretched their hands saying: “I will do it, I will do it.” He (Allah’s Messenger ﷺ) said: “Who will take it to fulfil its right?” Then the people withdrew their hands. Simak Ibn Kharashah Abu Dujānah said: “I am here to take it and fulfil its rights.” He took it and struck the hands of the polytheists.

Who was Abu Dujānah? He was a heroic warrior, a vicious lion. He was distinguished in the art of warfare and combat, and he stood out from the rest of the companions. He witnessed the Battles of Badr and Uhud and he stood firmly by Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) in both, giving him a pledge upon death. He also participated in the killing of Mūsāilimah, the Liar, at the Battle of Yamāmah during the leadership of Abu Bakr (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu). He was eventually killed in the Battle.

Abu Dujānah used to wear a red headband as a symbol of bravery. He would prance about on the battlefield in a confident and taunting manner holding his sword shining like a blaze of fire. Whenever he beheaded a polytheist, he would sway to the left and then to the right and he would roar like a lion: “I am Abu Dujānah!”

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said regarding his walk on the battlefield: “This kind of walk is hateful to Allāh and His Messenger except (that it is excused) in this kind of place” – meaning the battlefield. Find out how Abu Dujānah used the sword of the Prophet (ﷺ) in the next episode, Allah willing. I beseech Allāh to be Especially Merciful to Abu Dujānah Simāk Ibn Kharashah Ibn Zaid As-Sa‘idi. (Aameen)

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