Nourishing your soul.


All praises are to Allah, The Lord of all that exists. I seek His Peace and Blessings upon our noble Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), his household, His companions and upon those who follow his way.

Dear brethren, since we commit sins, we must seek Allah’s Forgiveness. So, let’s learn one of the ways to have our sins forgiven.

As agreed upon, Abu Hurayrah (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhu) reported that the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “The angels invoke blessings on any of you who remains in his prayer place as long as he does not invalidate his ablution, saying, ‘O Allah, forgive him; O Allaah, have mercy on him.’”

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked regarding the above Hadith: “Does it mean that he should stay in the very spot where he performed the prayer or it could also include the entire mosque? He replied, “Evidently, it is more comprehensive – whether one is in the same specific place or the entire place of prayer. But if it is possible not to go beyond the place where he prayed from the time he came, it will be better.”

In another narration which was reported by Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RadiyaLlahu ‘Anhum)  that the Prophet, (ﷺ) said: “If the slave (of Allah) prays and then sits in his place of prayer, the angels ask blessings for him saying, ‘O Allah, forgive him. O Allaah, have mercy on him.’ And if he sits waiting for the prayer, the angels ask blessing for him saying, ‘O Allah, forgive him. O Allah, have mercy on him.’” [Ahmad] Allahu Akbar! What a wonderful reward awaits those who remain in their prayer place.

Therefore, for the Angels to increase in their supplications for you and increase in their seek Allah’s Forgiveness for you, remain in your place after the completion of your prayer.

I beseech Allah to count us among those that will be forgiven and be prayed for. (Aameen)

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